the most secure fence you can get, clear and unobstructed views with maximum security. built to withstand the elements and intrusion attempts. anti-climb and anti-cut. the small apertures of vista-mesh are not accessible with a bolt cutter.

the most secure fence you can get, clear and unobstructed views with maximum security. built to withstand the elements and intrusion attempts. anti-climb and anti-cut. the small apertures of vista-mesh are not accessible with a bolt cutter.

Vista-Mesh™ DIY

DIY Vista-Mesh™ fence kits Delivered to your door in Johannesburg

Different Aperture Options

Our Vista mesh fencing kits are available in two aperture options, the 7612 small aperture that makes it nearly impossible to climb and the 7650 larger aperture that is more cost effective. 

Once you’ve decided on the aperture of your fence, choose the height you need, place your order and we’ll deliver the easy to erect fence kit to your door!

It’s an aesthetically pleasing modern fence style with unobstructed views from the inside and outside of the property. 

Ideal security fencing for different applications

It is the ideal fencing for commercial properties, sports stadiums, factories, schools, swimming pools, hospitals, sub-stations, towers and residential properties. 

We use state of the art machinery to manufacture our fencing

It is manufactured using state of the art machinery. The fence is coated in a fully automated factory, using imported thermoplastic powder for a long lasting, consistent quality, corrosion resistant, colour finish our VISTA 7612 fencing can be installed in conjunction with electric fencing for ultimate security. The panel top can bent at 90° to accommodate razor spikes for added security.

7612 – 1.8m R 879.44 / m
7612 – 2.1m R 999.78 / m
7612 – 2.4m R 1122.99 / m

7650 – 1.8m R 621.60 / m
7650 – 2.1m R 706.13 / m
7650 – 2.4m R 782.04 / m

all prices inc VAT and Razor Spikes

What's in the KIT?

Free delivery for orders of R2000 and over.

Vista 7612 mesh fencing

Great for your home, office or light commercial property.

Aperture size: 76mm x 12.7mm

rigid clear view fence mesh 7612
vista mesh fencing 7612 specifications sheet

Vista 7625 mesh fencing

Perfect for commercial use.

Aperture size: 76mm x 25.4mm

Vista 7638 mesh fencing

Great for commercial builds & factories.

Aperture size: 76mm x 38mm

Vista 7650 mesh fencing

Use in schools, factories & hospitals.

Aperture size: 76mm x 50mm

Vista 5076 mesh fencing

For residential, schools and commercial use.

Aperture size: 50mm x 76mm

Available in 3 colours


7612 vista-mesh black with spike


7612 vista-mesh green with spike


7612 vista-mesh grey with spike

Sans Approved

Pre-Galv Wire manufactured in accordance with SANS 765:2001 or SANS10244-2:2003

Hot Dipped Galvanized

HDG is Fully Hot Dipped Galvanized in accordance with SANS 121:2011 / ISO 1461:2009

Pre-Galvanized Wire

Lightly Galvanized and Fully Galvanized wire are Pre-Galvanized.

Galfan & Alloy

Galfan: 5% aluminium and 95% zinc alloy

Vista-Mesh Fencing


Because of it’s Modern Look, Anti-climb and Anti-Cut properties, Mesh Fencing is growing in popularity around the world and is currently the Most Popular Fencing in UK and Europe.


Sharp Metal pressings (SMP), a security fence specialist manufacturer based in Kwa-Zulu Natal, has leveraged it’s twenty five years of manufacturing experience and expertise to deliver a Locally made and Aesthetically pleasing Plastic coated mesh fence product called Vista-Mesh.


The Plastic coating offers superior Corrosion resistance to suit the harsh climate of the South African coastline. Our corrosion proof material is available in three colour options or can be Hot Dip Galvanized after welding for extreme protection. What’s more, it’s Made from locally manufactured SABS approved wire. All our steel gates and add-on accessories are made using top quality South African Steel.


SMP prides itself on employing only the highest standards available to manufacture our Vista-Mesh™ fencing and our Plascoat coating system is the best in the world.

Besides the fact that it is Plastic coated for longevity, the coating also improves the look of the fencing and has the added benefit that Plascoat plastic coating is environmentally better than PVC coating. Plascoat is uv stabilized and will not crack or fade.


The fencing system is Modular and offers ease of installation, without the need to use any special tools. The various configurations allow customers to find a solution that best meets their security requirements and budget while also allowing for the addition of add-on extras. It is Compatible with electric fencing as well as Razor spikes for enhanced security. All of which is available from SMP


Razor Spikes can be added to the front of the fence to improve security making it incredibly difficult for any type of physical contact with the boundary fence. 


Razor wire or Razor spikes can be installed above the fence to make climbing over virtually impossible.


Vista-Mesh™ is a great alternative to traditional Steel Palisade and because of the Plascoat coating system, is superior to similar Clear view fencing products. You may be surprized to learn that Vista-Mesh™ is actually Stronger than palisade fencing, which is often compromised by the use of hydraulic car jacks. The small apertures of Vista-Mesh™ negate this.


Vista-Mesh fencing is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial properties and we will manufacture Custom solutions for specific situations if required. Our Fast turnaround times, Short production times and superior aftersales customer service make us the first choice in Mesh Fencing in KZN


At SMP we believe that because of the extra research and effort we’ve put into the development of our Vista-Mesh™, we have been able to manufacture the Best Fence available in South Africa.

Vista-Mesh™allows for a clear view of your assets, See Thru the perimeter of your fixed assets and ensure total visibility both inward and outward. 


We offer a Life-time warranty on our workmanship and 10 year warranty on all products.


SMP believes in a sustainable future employment model and encourages the advancement and promotion of all our staff who show the will and desire to improve their lives.We fully understand and promote local business, understanding that on average, Every employed person in South Africa supports 10 other people. Local manufacturing is thus, the backbone of our local economy. We are an Accountable manufacturer.