Vista-Mesh Security Fencing can be used for Pools and access control. its secure and aesthetically pleasing. available plastic coated in three colour options

Vista-Mesh, Security Fencing, can be used for Pools, and access control. its secure, and aesthetically pleasing. available plastic coated, in three colour options, and four aperture size options.

Pool Fencing


Vista-Mesh™ Pool Access Control

Vista-Mesh manufactures a range of pool fencing which is simple, stylish and easy to install.

  • To fence in swimming pools
  • To contain play grounds
  • Non security garden fencing
Its ads a neat and secure perimeter to any area while allowing complete unobstructed visibility both into and out from the secured area.

Available in three plastic coat colours


Your child and pool safety

Vista-Mesh™ pool fencing complies with SABS regulations (Minimum 1.2m High, with secure fixings etc).

It is made from quality South African steel (either fully galvanized wire or Galfan wire and Plascoated or plain Hot Dipped Galvanized panels).

For the protection of children and animals, many municipalities have passed bylaws which have made it compulsory to fence pools and ponds.

Our pool fencing provides a physical barrier between your child and the water, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.


Easy to erect

Our Vista-Mesh pool fencing is easy to erect.

Safety for kids

Our pool fences are difficult for children to climb.

Its the law

Be on the right side of the law. Many municipalities insist on pool fencing.

poole fencing durban

No nets needed

Nets are often not replaced after swimming resulting in tragic drownings.