Vista 7625 Rigid Mesh Fencing

Ideal for commercial buildings, schools,
factories & hospitals

VISTA 7625 Mesh Fencing

Perfect For Commercial Use

Our 7625 Vista Mesh panels feature small apertures which makes it difficult to climb and is an aesthetically pleasing modern fence style.

The fence allows for unobstructed views from the inside and outside of the property and is ideal for commercial properties, sports stadiums, factories, schools, swimming pools, hospitals, sub-stations, towers, residential properties etc.

Our 7625 fencing is manufactured using state of the art machinery and is coated in a fully automated factory, using imported thermoplastic powder for a long lasting, consistent quality, corrosion resistant, colour finish. It can be installed in conjunction with electric fencing for ultimate security and the panel top can bent at 90° to accommodate razor spikes, or our face mounted spikes for added security.

Available Colours

Vista Mesh
Vista Mesh 7625 SPECS


We Take The Safety Of Vista Mesh Customer Seriously

SANS Approved

Pre-Galv Wire manufactured in accordance with SANS 765:2001 or SANS10244-2:2003

Hot Dipped Galvanized

HDG is Fully Hot Dipped Galvanized in accordance with SANS 121:2011 / ISO 1461:2009

Pre-Galvanized Wire

Lightly Galvanized and Fully Galvanized wire are Pre-Galvanized.

Galfan & Alloy

Galfan: 5% aluminium and 95% zinc alloy


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